What are APIs?

What are APIs?

What can I use APIs for?

What features can I use with Webex meeting APIs?


An API allows a software application to securely talk with another software application. Software companies release their APIs to the public so that other software developers can design products that are powered by its service.

Webex meeting API features:

User data management:

  • Sign up new user (creating user accounts)
  • Login/logout
  • Activate/deactivate users
  • Edit users

Meeting scheduling and registration:

  • Schedule/host/join/impromptu
  • Edit/delete
  • List/add/delete attendees
  • Create/get registration form
  • Register attendee

Manage and access the history of online sessions:

  • List/get usage history
  • List recorded access history

Integrate audio conferencing networks:

  • Synchronize meetings and audio conference network provisioning
  • Adaptor-based plug-in architecture for supporting teleconferencing bridge equipment
  • Coordinate call-in and call-out options for meeting users and notification of users entering/exiting the meeting
  • Support muting and call disconnection
For more information, see: https://developer.cisco.com

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