How Do I Restrict Access to Cisco Webex Meetings Online?

How do I restrict access to Cisco Webex Meetings Online?

How do I block a participant from joining Cisco Webex Meetings Online?

How do I restore access to my Cisco Webex Meetings Online?

How do I expel a participant from my Cisco Webex Meetings Online?

How do I keep an unwanted attendee out of my meeting?


The best method to prevent unwanted attendees from joining your meeting is to require a password to join the meeting, and only provide the password to those specific attendees you want to join.

This article applies to Cisco Webex Meetings Online, however the process for Webex Meetings, Webex Events, Webex Training, etc. is the same.


Hosts Only

It's not possible to block a specific participant from joining Cisco Webex Meetings; however, it is possible to expel any participant from a meeting in progress, and then lock the meeting, which prevents them from rejoining.

To expel a participant:

  1. Select the participant's name in the Participants panel.
  2. Click on the Participant menu, then click on Expel.
  3. Click Yes to confirm that you want to remove the participant from the meeting.

The participant will then be removed, if your meeting has a lobby room, the participant can rejoin and wait in the lobby room; if there is no lobby room, the participant can’t rejoin your meeting.

To lock a meeting:

Once a host starts a meeting, the host can lock the meeting at any time. This option prevents anyone from joining the meeting, including participants who have been invited to the meeting but have not yet joined it.

  1. In the Meeting window, on the Meeting menu, choose Lock Meeting.

    Participants can no longer join the meeting.
  2. Optionally, to unlock the meeting, choose Unlock Meeting on the Meeting menu.

Note: If an attendee is expelled from a meeting, and the meeting supports lobby room, the attendee will be able to rejoin the lobby.  If there's no lobby room, an attendee that has been expelled will not be able to rejoin the meeting.

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