What are the Webex Security Factors that Create a Robust Software as a Service (SaaS) Solution?

What are the Webex security factors that create a robust software as a service (SaaS) solution?

What are some highly secure features addressed in the Webex Meeting Center experience?

What are some general overview of Webex Switched Architecture and Data Centers?

What are the security related features that can be enabled through Webex site administration?

What are the security options that can be selected while scheduling a Webex meeting?


The Cisco Webex Cloud Infrastructure

Cisco Webex Meetings is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution delivered through the Cisco Webex Cloud, a highly secure service-delivery platform with industry-leading performance, integration, flexibility, scalability, and availability. The Cisco Webex Cloud offers ease of deployment and application delivery to lower your total cost of ownership while making possible the highest grade of enterprise security.

Switched Architecture

Cisco deploys a globally distributed dedicated network of high-speed meeting switches. Meeting session data originating from the presenter’s computer and arriving at the attendees’ computers is switched, never persistently stored, through the Cisco Webex Cloud.

Data Centers

The Cisco Webex Cloud is a communications infrastructure purpose-built for real-time web communications. Webex meeting sessions use switching equipment located in multiple data centers around the world. These data centers are strategically placed near major Internet access points and use dedicated high-bandwidth fiber to route traffic around the globe. Cisco operates the entire infrastructure within the Cisco Webex Cloud. Data within the United States stays within the U.S. region, and data within Europe remains in the European region.
Additionally, Cisco operates network point-of-presence (PoP) locations that facilitate backbone connections, Internet peering, global site backup, and caching technologies used to enhance end-user performance and availability. Cisco personnel are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for logistical security, operational, and change-management support.

Overview of the Highly Secure Webex Meeting Experience

The Webex meeting experience includes:

  • Meeting-site configuration.
  • Security options for scheduling.
  • Options for starting and joining a Webex meeting.
  • Encryption technologies.
  • Transport-layer security.
  • Firewall compatibility.
  • Meeting data privacy.
  • In-meeting security.
  • Single sign-on.
  • Third-party accreditations (independent audits validate Cisco Webex security).

Other Security-Related Features Enabled Through Webex Site Administration:

  • The Host or Attendees can choose to store their names and email addresses to make organizing or joining new meetings easier.
  • Hosts can reassign recordings to other Hosts.
  • Site access can be restricted by requiring authentication for all Host and Attendee access. Authentication can be required to access any site information, such as listed meetings, as well as to gain access to meetings on the site.
  • Strong password rules can be applied to Webex Access Anywhere.
  • All meetings can be unlisted.
  • Approval of a “Forgot Password?” request can be required.
  • Account passwords can be required to be reset rather than re-entered on behalf of a user.

Security Options for Scheduling Webex Meetings:

  • Individual Hosts can be given the ability to specify meeting access security (within parameters configured at the site administration level that cannot be overridden).
  • A meeting can be unlisted so that it does not display on the visible calendar.
  • Attendees can be allowed to join meetings before the Host joins.
  • Attendees can access audio before the Host joins.
  • Only attendees with an account on the Webex site can be allowed to join.
  • Teleconference information can be displayed in meetings.
  • Meetings can end automatically in a configurable time if only one Attendee remains.
  • Attendees can be required to enter their email address when joining meetings

For more information view the Technical Paper on Web Conferencing, Unleash the Power of Secure Real-Time Collaboration: Cisco Webex Meetings Security Technical Paper.


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