Cisco Webex Incident Notifications

Cisco Webex Incident Notifications

Status Page for Cisco Webex Services

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How do I receive Incident Notifications in Webex Teams?

How do I enable Webex Service Status Incident Notifications in Webex Teams?

How do I receive an RSS feed for Service Status in Webex Teams?

How do I see Incident Notifications in Webex Control Hub?

The Cisco Webex Service Status website helps you see if a Webex service has any issues.

Statuses of Cisco Webex Services
You can follow status updates for Webex services at, as well as recent incidents, incident history for the past 90 days, and scheduled maintenance and upgrades.

Subscribe to the RSS feed to get updates about a service incident, or use the RSS bot in a Webex Team space. If there is an open incident, you can subscribe to the incident with your email to get updates on it.

Sign Up for Cisco Webex Service Status Notifications
Go to, you will be able to see ongoing incidents.  A customer can subscribe to individual incidents for updates via email by clicking the 'Subscribe' button and entering the email address on the following page.
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To receive notifications in a Webex Teams Space:

  1. Add to any Webex Teams Space as a new person.
  2. On the welcome message from the RSS bot, click on the Add Feed drop-down.
  3. Enter a name for the feed in the Feed name field.
  4. In the URL field, enter and then click Save Feed.

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