Meeting Invitation Goes Out much before the Webex Meetings is Added to an Outlook 365 Meeting Appointment

Meeting invitation goes out much before the Webex Meetings is added to an Outlook 365 meeting appointment.

Webex Session Information is being added to an Outlook Meeting immediately after Add Webex Meeting button is pressed.

The Webex Outlook 365 integration works differently from the previous Productivity Tools integration.

Microsoft has modified the methods and parameters in which Office plug-ins interact with Microsoft Office including Microsoft Outlook for both the Windows and Macintosh Operating systems for security reasons. This has forced a complete re-write in the Webex integration with Outlook. This has resulted in changed behavior.
With the previous Productivity Tools, the Webex session information was not added until the meeting invitation is sent out. With the Outlook 365 Webex plug-in, the meeting information is added when you click on the Add Webex Meeting button. Because of the behavior of Microsoft Outlook, meeting invites are immediately being sent. It is recommended that you set the session date and time and invite your attendees before adding the Webex meeting.

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