Join a Breakout Session

Users who join a training session from the Webex Meetings app for iOS and Android, can't create breakout sessions, even if they're assigned to do so.

Users who have joined by phone only can’t be assigned to breakout sessions. Users who have joined using the Webex Meetings app for iOS and Android, can be assigned to breakout sessions but their audio will not transfer from the main session.

The presenter determines whether a participant can join a breakout session, either by inviting participants, or by allowing participants to join without an invitation.

On the Breakout Session panel, highlight the name of the breakout session that you wish to join and select Join.

The Attendee View of Breakout Sessions

The layout of the breakout session window is almost identical to the main session window. You will be able to see a list of participants, their responses, and a chat window between participants in the breakout session. To leave the breakout session, click Leave Breakout Session.

Use an Audio Conference in Breakout Sessions

You can communicate with participants in a breakout session using your computer or phone. All the audio conferencing options that the host sets up in the main session apply to the breakout session. The audio conference controls operate as in the main session.

  • When a participant who has already joined the main audio conference session joins a breakout session, they are switched from the main session audio conference to the breakout session audio conference automatically. Participants cannot join an audio conference in the main session while connected to a breakout session audio conference.

  • If audio conferencing is not available or has not been started for the main session before the breakout session is started, audio conferencing for breakout sessions is disabled also.

  • When a participant who is in the breakout session audio conference leaves a breakout session, they disconnect from the breakout session audio conference automatically. The participant returns to the main session and can join the main audio conference by selecting Join Audio Conference on the Audio menu.

The Presenter Role in a Breakout Session

After the host of the main session creates a breakout session, they can assign attendees the presenter role within a breakout session.

Presenting and sharing information in a breakout session works similarly to presenting information in the main session. The only difference is that you select what content or software that you want to share from the Share menu within the Breakout Session Window.

In a breakout session, you can choose to share:

  • Documents or presentations

  • A whiteboard in the Breakout Session window

  • A Web browser

  • Your desktop

  • An application

Leave and Re-Join a Breakout Session

If you are a participant in a breakout session, rather than the presenter, you can leave a session and return to it later.

  • On the Breakout Session panel, select Leave Breakout Session.

  • From the Breakout Session menu, select Join Breakout Session.