Bots in Webex

Bots can help to extend the functionality in Webex to include a third-party app. You can add bots to Webex spaces and interact directly with the third-party app from the space. When you've added the bot to the space you can send a help message to the bot and the response includes the commands that the bot supports.

You can add a bot to any type of space. Add a bot to your project space with other people and interact directly with the third-party app in your space. Or you can create a space with just you and the bot to interact with the third-party app.

The Cisco Webex App Hub contains a catalog of bots and apps developed by Cisco and third-party developers.

Add the Aha! Bot

You must first add the Aha! bot to a new or existing space in Webex and then link the bot to your Aha! account.


In your Search bar, enter


In the Aha! bot space, click Link account and a web page will open. Enter your Aha! account URL.


If your account URL is, enter as the domain.

Click Authorize to allow access to your Aha! account.

Add Aha! Notifications

After linking your account, you can choose some quick notifications, or launch the Aha! dashboard from the Webex app.


Click Manage Notifications or type help and send the message.


Choose the events you want to receive notifications for and select the correlating workspace.

To customize all notifications, click Dashboard.

Click Save to add selected events.

Manage Notifications

You can create custom notifications or edit existing ones in the Dashboard.


Click Manage Notifications > Dashboard.

Webex responds with a secure link to your dashboard.

Select Click here to launch Aha! Bot Management.