Preferred Webex site is only relevant to you if your organization has multiple Webex (meetings) sites. Most organizations only have one, but here are some examples of how you could have multiple sites:

  • Multiple geographical locations

  • Starting with a trial site and then implementing a different “production” site

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Webex for Cisco BroadWorks partners changing end user subscription packages

Your Webex site helps to keep your meetings, personal room, hosts, recordings, and other resources gathered inside an administrative boundary. For example, if your Personal Room meeting addresses are like or, then your Webex site is "".

If you have different meeting sites for different geographies, you may have addresses similar to and

In this case, username1 has as their preferred Webex site and username2 has

Each user’s preferred Webex site is stored in their user record at preferredWebExSite attribute in Webex identity system.

The preferred Webex site is used throughout Webex. Here are some examples:

  • As the domain portion in the user’s personal meeting room (also called PMR), e.g. or

  • With the meeting scheduling options provided by Hybrid Calendar service. Users enter the @webex keyword in the location field of their meeting invitation, then Hybrid Calendar uses the preferredWebExSite to retrieve join details for that user’s personal meeting room and populate the meeting invitation.

  • When a user taps the Start Meeting button on a Webex Room device in personal mode, it starts a meeting in their personal room (which uses the preferredWebExSite).

  • When a meeting sponsor schedules a meeting from within a Webex space, or schedules with Hybrid Calendar by adding @webex:space to the invite's Location field.

  • When you tap Join on a cloud-registered Webex Room device, you can search for users in your organization and join their personal meeting rooms. The room addresses contain the users' preferred Webex sites.

  • When you view a user's contact card in the Webex App, you can click the personal room icon to join their meeting. The address of the meeting you join contains that user's preferred Webex site.

You probably want to change users’ preferred Webex sites when you are consolidating sites. For example, if you acquire a company with an established Webex Meetings site that is different to your own. You might want to put all personal rooms into one meetings site to simplify your user and site management tasks.

Users can change their own preferred Webex site from the Webex App settings or preferences. See Change your default meeting site.

To administratively set users’ preferredWebExSite you can use the CSV import process from Control Hub, as follows:


Sign in to, go to Users > Manage Users to export your user details into a CSV file.

See for the detailed CSV import / export procedure.


Use a CSV editor to change the preferredWebExSite attribute for all or some users.


Import the CSV file.