Conference calling

Collaboration is an important part of any job. Rather than setting up a formal meeting by sending out invitations and booking conference rooms, you can make an audio or video conference call from your desk or conference phone at any time. You can create conference calls with a maximum of six people, including yourself.

Video capable endpoints include IP phones, Webex App, and Webex Rooms devices. These are joined with video when you initiate a conference call.

When you create a conference call, you see two separate Cisco Webex spaces for each individual call. If you want to collaborate in a space, create one for the three of you.

View which desk phone model you have

The way you use particular phone features sometimes depends on the desk phone model. You can easily check which phone model you have to make sure you're following the right steps.


Press Applications .


Select Status > Product Information.


Check the model information at the top of the window.

Add another person to a call

When you are on a call, you can add someone else to your conversation.


Do one of these actions:

  • Desk phones—From an active call, press Conference .
  • Conference phone—From an active call, press Conference.

Enter the phone number for the party you want to add and press Call.


Press Conference again.