Examples of Cisco-developed bots in use.

Bots in Webex App

Bots can help to extend the functionality of Webex App to include a third-party app. You can add bots to Webex App spaces and interact directly with the third-party app from the space. When you've added the bot to the space, you can send ahelpmessage to the bot and the response includes the commands that the bot supports.

You can add a bot to any type of space; add a bot to your project space with other people and interact directly with the third-party app from your space. Or you can create a space with just you and the bot to interact with the third-party app.

Webex App Hub contains a catalog of bots and apps developed by Cisco and third-party developers.

Cards in Webex App

Bots present information within Webex App in various ways. Bot cards make it easier for users to interact directly with the bot’s response to a command. You can select from drop-down menus, use buttons, and even use text fields to update and gather information.

See Buttons and Cards for your Webex apps.


Report any issues on the bot with cards to devsupport@webex.com.

Initialize the Dropbox Sign bot

To initialize the Dropbox Sign bot:

  1. Before continuing, login to your Dropbox Sign account, choose API in the left hand nav, and then choose Generate key. Save the key—you’ll use it to authenticate Webex with your Dropbox Sign account later.
  2. Add the bot using the email ID DropboxSign.bot@webex.bot to an existing space or in a direct message.
  3. Once you’ve added the bot, type @DropboxSign help to connect the Dropbox Sign account.

    You’ll need to provide a Connection Label as well as your Dropbox Sign API key you generated earlier.

Add notifications for Dropbox Sign services

To add notifications for multiple Dropbox Sign services:

  1. Issue the @DropboxSign manage command to the bot.
  2. You’ll be prompted to check out a direct chat message.
  3. Click on the link in the direct chat message to the bot notification site.
  4. In the bot notification site, choose the event and the service which should receive the notifications.