Why we developed this solution

As business leaders today, you're facing growing pressure to expand support for the work-from-home model in a way that empowers full access to business calling and collaboration functionality. The current response to the COVID-19 outbreak illustrates the importance of having flexible work-from-home policies in place to support workforce safety. Telephony remains a critical part of doing business for most organizations and supporting remote work from a voice and unified communications perspective remains a top priority.

We're responding with our quick-to-deploy free 90-day offer for Webex Calling, our secure and scalable native cloud calling solution.

Our solution includes the following offers:

  • All the calling services available with a fully paid license.

  • Cisco Webex for critical calling requirements. The Cisco Webex Calling app is also available.

  • Cisco IP Phones with Multiplatform Firmware may be loaned to you in limited quantities and must be returned to Cisco at the conclusion of your trial. At any point in time, you can obtain your own phones.

  • No committed minimum volume or contract terms.

Who is this solution for?

This solution is available to organizations that:

  • Are trying to quickly deploy and enable a remote working solution that includes business calling functionality.

  • Need to quickly enable their employees to work from home with full incoming and outgoing connectivity to the outside world. Many may be hampered by scaling or access constraints of your existing calling solutions or systems. Webex Calling allows you to quickly and easily get set up to overcome these restrictions.

  • Are existing customers looking for additional, cloud-based options not available in their current calling solutions. Examples may include existing UCM customers looking for a quick solution to deploy a small number of remote users without the adequate MRA infrastructure in place to service those remote users today.

  • Have a current solution that doesn't have the flexibility to quickly and easily deploy remote workers.

Solution duration

We'll continue to make this solution available until further notice. A notification will be sent when the solution goes through “end of life”.

How to get started

Contact a Cisco sales representative or find a partner to quickly get up and running.

Learn more about partner PSTN and solution trial offers available with the Webex Calling 90-day trial.