You can choose between different microphone options depending on the environment for your call or meeting. You can also remove background noise during your active call or meeting.

  • Noise removal to join your meetings and calls without worrying about background noise, such as keyboard typing and doorbells.

  • Optimize for my voice to remove background speech and noise when you're in a noisy environment where others are talking, such as a coffee shop. In addition to removing background noise, it also removes the voices of the people talking in the background. Available on Board and Desk Series.

  • Music mode to preserve your microphone's original sound when using your computer for audio, making virtual concerts or music lessons even better. Read more about music mode.

Noise removal is default on. When you select one of the microphone options, it stays on as long as you don't turn it off.


Open the control panel.

Board, Desk: swipe from the right side of your device screen or tap the button.

Room Series: tap the button on the controller's home screen.


Tap Microphone and then select the option you want to use:


Tap Neutral to turn noise removal off.

Tap the microphone icon on the top right of the home screen. Tap Noise removal to turn it on.

To turn off, tap Default.