If you have an existing organization that you manage in Control Hub or ordered other Webex services besides Webex App and Meetings through Cisco Commerce Express, then contact your Cisco salesperson to complete the provisioning process.

Open the email you received titled Important: Provisioning information required for order..., and click Set up your service.


Sign in with your Cisco One or Webex account.


Verify that your order information is correct. If you want to change any of the information, click Change next to:

  • Customer admin email—Enter the email address of who you want to provision the order, then click Save.
  • Organization name—Enter the name of your organization, then click Save.
  • Webex Meetings Address—Enter a different Webex site address and select the time zone that matches the location for most of your users, then click Save.

Click Done to provision your services.

You can use Webex App immediately, but Meetings may take a couple of minutes to finish provisioning before you can use it.

What to do next

A follow-up email is sent out to you to let you know that your services are ready to use.