Share Content in Full-Screen Mode in Cisco Webex Meetings

You can share content in full-screen mode during a meeting to give your participants a better view of the shared content.

When you share in full-screen mode, session controls are available in the meeting controls panel at the top of your screen.

With the meeting controls panel, you can control a meeting just like you were in the meeting window, you can bring up the Chat panel, or pause and resume recording. In addition, you can access sharing options in the meeting controls panel:

  • Share: Access the sharing menu to switch sharing modes, without returning to the meeting window.

  • Assign: Make another participant the presenter, pass remote control, assign privilege, or automatically allow participants to control shared software. If you change presenters while sharing, sharing will stop and all participants will be returned to the meeting window.

  • Annotate: Display the Annotation tools that you can use to annotate content while in full-screen view.

  • More Options: Display shared software in a full-screen view, manage panel layout, display the Notes panel, access audio options, synchronize full-screen view for all participants, invite and remind participants, or end the event.

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