The Partner Connect - Connectivity Questionnaire (PQ) is used by Cisco to enable partner connectivity with Webex Calling Dedicated Instance. This questionnaire is provided in workbook format and used as a tool to exchange technical details between Cisco and partners. The PQ is required per geographic area (AMER, EMEA, APAC, AUS). Cisco works with the partner to complete the questionnaire.

Connection options include:

  • Partner Connect (Partner Aggregated Customer connectivity)

  • Partner Connect through Direct Connect

  • Partner Connect through Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX)

  • PartnerConnect through a Mixture of Direct and ECX

Refer to Dedicated Instance Partner Connect for more information on Partner connectivity.

See the Dedicated Instance Partner Connect Peering Questionnaire for the workbook that lets partners exchange technical details with Cisco for connecting with Dedicated Instance.

Workbook General Overview

The following must be completed in the PQ process:


Complete the General Contact Information sheet.


Complete the Partner Readiness Dates sheet.


Complete the Partner Connectivity Worksheet according to whether the connection type is Direct, Cloud Exchange (ECX), or a mixture of both.


Provide the completed PQ to Cisco.

Worksheet Instructions

Complete the following steps to create a connection:


Complete the information in the Partner Connectivity Worksheet, selecting Direct, ECX or a mixture of both for the connection type.


For Direct Connect, Cisco provides a Letter of Authorization (LOA) for 2 circuits per data center for the respective region.


All connectivity requests go through an internal Cisco review before being approved.



  • Works with Equinix to complete the wiring according to the LOA

  • Provides a confirmation of the complete cross connections to Cisco via email (for Direct type)

  • Completes the BGP/Routing configuration for the respective Virtual Connection/VRFs and notifies Cisco


Cisco provisions the BGP configuration and provides a Connectivity Validation guide for the partner to perform end-to-end validation.


If successful, the partner receives a notification that the connection state is active.


Traffic is now allowed through the new connection.