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Webex Desk Hub is launched with Firmware Release RoomOS 10.10.

For an overview of the device, see Your Webex Desk Hub.

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Feature Development

Support for Hot desking

When this feature is available, users can sign in to Webex Desk Hub and use it as personal meeting device. They can reserve the device for their workday, and they receive meeting notifications from their personal calendar five minutes before a meeting starts.

Users sign in to their device on an adhoc basis and with one of two methods:

  • USB-C cable—Users connect their device to their laptop with the Webex App open.

  • Contactless—Users place their mobile phone on the device with the Webex App open. This method uses Near-field communication (NFC) technology.

Administrators can monitor Hot desking usage from Control Hub.

This feature is scheduled for release in March, 2022.

Support on Cisco Unified Communications Manager

When this upgrade is released, Webex Desk Hub will be supported on Cisco Unified Communications Manager(Unified CM) as an on-premises device. An on-premises device is a device that is registered to an on-premises Unified CM and that gets it's features and functionality from the on-premises Unified CM only.

This upgrade is scheduled for February, 2022.