You can easily configure the meeting zone using the touch interface. Support for configuring it through the API is available from RoomOS September.

For spaces like open offices or glass-walled meeting rooms, this feature is particularly useful as it minimizes distractions caused by including people in the background during meetings. When someone stands outside the defined meeting zone, they won't be included in the automatic framing of the video. Only individuals within the meeting zone will be counted.

By enabling this feature, you can make sure that your meetings focus on the right people and minimize disruptions from the surrounding environment.

Note that Speakertrack 60 is not supported.


Tap the settings icon on the top right corner of the screen and select Device settings .


Select Meeting Zone .


Choose between the two standard meeting zones layout: rectangular zone or round zone.


You can make changes to the layout by dragging the anchor points to the desired position. Long press a point to delete it or long press anywhere on the grid to add a new anchor point.

When you are facing the camera setting up the room, a blue dot representing you will move according to your position in the room. As shown below, the distance representation between the thick grid lines is 1 meter, or 3 feet.


Once you are done, tap Save Zone . Toggle the Meeting Zone Active button to set the meeting zone mode to On or Off.