Open your Webex Meetings desktop app on your Windows or Mac computer.


Select Connect to a device and select the Webex Share device you’d like to use.


To connect to a Webex Share device during a meeting, select Connect .


Select Share screen .


If you're using WBS33.7 or later and are sharing videos, animations, or dynamic content, optimize your content for motion and video:

  1. Select Optimize for motion and video .

    If you don't optimize for motion and video, your content is optimized for text and images, just like it was when you shared content in earlier releases of Webex Meetings.

  2. Check the Share your computer audio check box if you want to let everyone hear audio from your computer through the video device. We recommend this option if you're sharing a video or animation that has sound.

    The first time that you choose to share your computer audio, you’ll see a message asking if you want to install an extension.

    Select Install and follow the on-screen instructions, or select Not now .


Select the content that you want to share.


If you shared your computer audio in Step 4, select the speaker in the Webex Meetings desktop app to adjust the video device volume remotely.

Connected dialog box