Share an Application in Cisco Webex Training

As a host or presenter, you can share any application on your computer with training session participants.

Share an Application

    1Select Share > Application.

    The list of all applications currently running on your computer is displayed.

    2Do one of the following:
    • If the application you want to share is currently running, select it in the list to begin sharing it.

    • If the application you want to share is not currently running, select Other Application. The Other Application dialog box appears, showing a list of all applications on your computer. Select the application, and then select Share.

    Your application appears in a sharing window on participant screens.

    3To share an additional application, select the application that you want to share:
    • If that application is currently running, select Share.

    • If the application is not currently running, select Share Application in the Session Controls Panel.


    When you open any application that you have minimized, it opens with the sharing buttons in the upper-right corner.

    4To switch between applications, select the drop-down arrow next to the Share button.
    5To stop application sharing, select Stop Sharing on the title bar of the application that you no longer want to share or the Session Controls Panel.

    About Sharing Applications with Detailed Color (Windows)

    By default, Training Manager sends images of shared software using 16-bit color mode, which is the equivalent of your computer's “High Color” (16 bit) setting. This mode provides an accurate representation of color for most shared applications. However, if your shared application contains detailed color images-such as color gradients-the color may not appear accurately on participants' screens. For example, color gradients may appear as color bands.

    If the accuracy and resolution of color in a shared application is important, you can turn on True Color mode in Training Manager. Using this mode, however, may affect the performance of application sharing.

    When using True Color mode, you can select one of the following options:

    • Better imaging (no image compression)

    • Better performance (some image compression)

      Performance refers to the speed at which images appear on participant screens, and imaging refers to the quality of the color in shared images.

    Share Applications with Detailed Color (Windows)

    Before turning on True Color mode, ensure that your monitor display is set to True Color (either 24- or 32-bit color). For more information about setting options for your monitor, refer to Windows Help.

      1If you are currently sharing an application, stop your sharing session.
      2Select Training Session > Training Session Options.
      3Select the True Color Mode tab.
      4Select Enable True Color mode.
      5Select one of the following options:
      • Better imaging

      • Better performance

      6Select OK or Apply.

      About Sharing Applications with Detailed Color (Mac)

      Before sharing an application or your desktop, you can choose one of the following display modes:

      • Better performance: The default mode. Lets you display your content faster than you do using the better image quality mode.

      • Better image quality: Lets you display your content with better image quality. In this mode, your shared content may take longer time to display than in the better performance mode.

        Changing the display mode does not affect presentation or document sharing.

      Share Applications with Detailed Color (Mac)

        1In the Training Session window, select Webex Training > Preferences.
        2Select Display.
        3Select Better performance or Better image quality, as appropriate.
        4Select OK.

        Tips for Sharing Software

        The following tips can help you to share software more effectively:

        Table 1 



        If participants cannot see all the shared software without scrolling their sharing windows

        Adjust their views of the shared software. They can reduce the size of the shared software in decrements, or scale it to fit inside their sharing windows.

        (Application sharing only) To save time during a training session

        Ensure that any applications you intend to share are open on your computer. At the appropriate time during the training session, you can then quickly begin sharing an application, without waiting for the application to start.

        To improve the performance of software sharing

        Close all applications that you do not need to use or share on your computer. Processor usage and memory on your computer is conserved, helping to ensure that Training Manager can send images of shared software quickly during a training session. Also, to ensure that a maximum amount of bandwidth is available for software sharing, close:

        • Any applications that use bandwidth, such as instant messaging or chat programs.

        • Programs that receive streaming audio or video from the web.

        If you are sharing an application for which the rendering of color on participants' screens is important

        Improve color quality by turning on True Color mode.

        (Application and web browser sharing only) Avoid covering a shared application or web browser with another window on your computer's desktop.

        A crosshatched pattern appears in participant sharing windows where the other window is covering the shared application or browser.

        (Application and web browser sharing only) If you want to switch your display between shared software and the Training Session window

        Pause software sharing before you return to the Training Session window, and then resume sharing once you return to the shared application. Pausing software sharing conserves processor usage and memory on your computer while you view the Training Session window.

        (Application and web browser sharing only) If you have more than one monitor, when you share an application or web browser, the participants can see it on whichever monitor you display it. If you move the application or web browser to another monitor, it is still visible to the participants.

        If you are sharing more than one application, the participants see the best view if you make sure that the applications are displaying on the same monitor.

        Because software sharing requires more bandwidth during a training session, we recommend that you use a dedicated, high-speed Internet connection when sharing software. However, if participants are using dial-up Internet connections, they may notice a delay in viewing or controlling shared software.

        If you want to share a document, such as a Microsoft Word or Excel document, you can improve the training session experience for these participants by using document sharing instead of application sharing.

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