This article applies to WBS40.9 and later sites. If you have an earlier Webex version, you can learn how to connect to a video system here.


Click Connect to video systemVideo systems to join the meeting from a compatible device. The app looks for nearby video systems.


If the app detects nearby video systems, you'll see a list of those devices. Select the video system that you want to use from the list.


If your video system isn't detected, have the app call your device. Enter the address of the video system and then select the device when it appears in the list. You can choose to connect without pressing 1.


If you're connecting to a cloud-registered video system that's not already paired with the Cisco Webex Meetings desktop app, enter the code shown on the device, and then click OK.

The app either automatically connects to your video system or it calls your device when you select Join meeting.

What to do next

Windows and Mac: To show video on the paired video system only when no content is being shared, go to More options More options in the desktop app, and then toggle Show Video on Video System Only on.
Show Video on Video System Only

This feature is available on WBS41.1 and later sites. To find out which version of Webex Meetings that you're using, see Find Your Cisco Webex Meetings Version Number.