Start Streaming

As a host, you can now stream the contents of your meetings or events to Facebook. All streams include the audio, video, and content that is shared while the meeting or event is active.

When you stream a meeting or event to Facebook, you continue to have full functionality of your Webex meeting or event. At any time, you can start or stop your stream.

Streaming your meetings or events using Facebook Live must be enabled by your site administrator.

Before you begin

Applies to:

Webex administrators must allow streaming of Webex Meetings and Events to Facebook Live.

If you want to live stream to a Facebook group, the group admin must add the Cisco Webex Meetings app to the group.

If you want to live stream to a Facebook Page, follow the instructions for Other streaming services at the bottom of Live Stream Your Webex Meetings or Events. Enter the stream link and stream key from Facebook.


Sign in to your Cisco Webex site and start your meeting or event.


Go to More options More options and select Start live streaming.

Start live streaming option

Live streaming isn't available during a practice session in an event.


Select Facebook Live.


Enter your Facebook account information and select Log In.

Your Facebook account information is saved on the site that you use for your meeting or event.


(Optional) Select Review the info you provide to see what Facebook information is shared with Webex. Select Continue.


Decide who you want to view your stream. Choose from the following:

  • Public–Allow anyone on Facebook to view your stream.

  • Friends–Allow only your Facebook friends to view your stream.

  • Only me–Allow only yourself to view your stream. This setting can be used to test your stream.

  • Custom–Allow specific Facebook friends or lists of people to view your stream. You can also specify Facebook friends or lists of people you don't want to view your stream.


(Optional) Select Choose what you allow to choose what information and capabilities the Webex app is allowed to access from your Facebook account. Select OK.


On the Stream Webex Meeting to Facebook Live page, configure your settings, and select Start Streaming.


Open the More menu and select Stop Streaming to end your stream.

Each meeting or event that is streamed to Facebook can be viewed live or as a recording. Your stream automatically becomes available as a recording in your Facebook Timeline when it ends.

Depending on your Facebook settings, your viewers can respond to your stream by using the React and Comment buttons. Your viewers can also show your meeting to other Facebook users by using the Share button.

The following are the known limitations:

  • Streaming capabilities must be enabled for each host by the site administrator.

  • Streaming to Facebook is not available on FedRAMP enabled sites.