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Cisco Webex App for Chrome


Announcing the retirement of the Webex App for Chrome

The Webex App for Chrome is being retired. Instead of using this app, we recommend using the Cisco Webex Web App for a more full-featured experience, including hosting, screen sharing, and joining events.

If you use the Webex App for Chrome to join by meeting number, you are now redirected to the meeting join page, where you can join the meeting directly in your browser.

The Cisco Webex app for Chrome is a Chrome-specific app and provides the same ability to join a meeting through the browser as the Cisco Webex web app. It is available for download in the Chrome Web Store. Using the Cisco Webex app for Chrome, attendees can join meetings directly in their browser by entering the meeting number.

The following limitations apply:

  • Limited to attendees only. Hosts must use the Webex Web App or the desktop app.

  • Attendees can only join Cisco Webex Meetings on sites running WBS30 or higher.

  • Does not support the Cisco Webex Meetings product meetings.webex.com.

  • Attendees cannot join meetings with end-to-end encryption enabled.

  • Attendees cannot join meetings on the "VoIP-only" site type.

  • Does not support content sharing

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