Breakout sessions are available on WBS40.9 and later sites. To find out which version of Webex Meetings that you're using, see Find Your Cisco Webex Meetings Version Number.

Breakout session feature limitations:

  • CMR Hybrid meetings, Teleconference Service Provider (TSP) meetings, and meetings that use end-to-end encryption aren't supported.

  • Webex Meetings Virtual Desktop Software doesn't support managing or joining breakout sessions.

  • Attendees' names show in the main Chat drop-down list even if they join a breakout session.

  • If there are network connection issues, breakout session participants return to the main meeting when they reconnect.

  • If you assign the host role to someone who's using a version earlier than WBS40.9, the breakout sessions will end.

  • Only one host or cohost can have the Breakout session assignment dialog open at a time.

Limitations for 40.9 which will be addressed in a following release:

  • Breakout session can't be joined from a video device, Cisco Webex Teams, or by phone only participants.

  • Android and iPhone users can attend breakout session but they can't host sessions.

  • iPad users can't ask all to return to the meeting.

  • iPhone participants can't be moved or exchanged to another breakout session after the breakout sessions have started.

The following features aren’t currently supported while participating in a breakout session (will be addressed in a following release):

  • Raise hand, People Insights profile, and the notes taker role

  • Webex Assistant for Meetings

  • Closed captioning

  • Recording breakout sessions

  • High frame rate content sharing ("Optimize for motion and video")

  • Sharing web browser

  • Sharing multimedia

  • Annotation and Whiteboard

  • Remote control

  • Live streaming

  • Polling

  • Saving chat

  • Users who join from the Webex Meeting web app can’t share content