May 7, 2020

Version 1-1-33

Improved Switching Between Bluetooth Sources

You can now seamlessly switch between two music sources while connected through the USB Adapter. Previously, users couldn't switch to an alternate Bluetooth source while connected to the USB Adapter.

Improved Music Playback on Mac Mojave

Users running Mac OS Mojave now have improved audio quality.

USB Adapter LED Enhancement

The LED indicator doesn't light up when the adapter isn't paired to a headset or in pairing mode. Previously, the LED would flash in both pairing mode and when it didn’t have a paired headset saved.

For more information, see Pair the USB Adapter to Your Headset.

Improved Call Button Behavior

You can cleanly reject incoming calls when connected to the USB Adapter. Previously, the headset would occasionally answer incoming calls before rejecting them.

Press the Call button twice on the left ear cup to reject a call.

February 4, 2020

Version 1-0-48

Cisco Headset 730 USB Adapter

The Cisco Headset 730 USB Adapter Your Cisco Headset 730 comes with a USB adapter for use with call devices that don't have a Bluetooth option. The USB Adapter comes out of the box paired to your headset. The adapter automatically connects to your headset when it plugs into a powered USB port.

When you connect the USB Adapter, the LED blinks and then turns solid when it connects to your headset. If your headset is unavailable to connect, the LED shuts off.

When you want to disconnect your headset, simply unplug the adapter from the call device. It takes about 10 minutes for your headset to accept another active Bluetooth connection after you disconnect the USB Adapter. You can also turn off your headset then on again to pair a new device quickly.

USB Adapter

May 7, 2020

Version 1-1-33

Known Issues

  • Music playback won’t resume after a call on Cisco Webex Teams through the USB Adapter.

    Workaround: Restart the music streaming application.

  • There is no music playback on mobile devices until users close the desktop or web application connected to the USB Adapter.

    Workaround: Close the desktop browser or music app before you switch sources to the mobile device.

  • There is occasionally a 30 second delay when users switch audio sources between the USB adapter and a mobile device.

    Workaround: Close the desktop browser or music app before you switch sources to the mobile device.

  • Windows 10 users may experience poor or no audio after they upgrade the USB Adapter.

    Workaround: In Windows 10, go to Settings > Devices > Cisco 700 USB Adapter > Remove Device to remove the USB Adapter from the device list. Unplug and plug the USB Adapter back into the USB port. Windows 10 automatically reinstalls the USB driver and restores audio playback.