Where is Webex Assistant for Meetings Available?

Webex Assistant is available in Webex Meetings for the Webex Meetings desktop, mobile, and web apps. Beginning with the 41.5 update, it's also available in Webex Events (new) webinar mode for plans that support at least 3000 users and as an add-on for plans that support up to 1000 users. In the 41.7 update, Webex Assistant is also available for the Webex app. Meetings started or joined from a space don't support Webex Assistant.

Your Webex site and users must be linked to Cisco Webex Control Hub or managed in Control Hub, and on Cisco Webex video platform version 2.0, with joining meetings from video systems enabled. To find out which version that you're using, see Find Your Cisco Webex Meetings Version Number.

Webex administrators can provision Webex Assistant for Meetings for an organization, an entire Webex site, or for specific users through license assignment. Webex administrators can enable and disable Webex Assistant at any time. Webex Assistant for Meetings is enabled, by default. During a meeting or webinar, hosts can turn on or turn off Webex Assistant.

Webex Assistant is available globally. Currently, it only accurately transcribes English dialogue.


How to Set Up Webex Assistant for Meetings

How to Use Webex Assistant for Meetings