Before you begin

When you register your Board, Desk, or Room series device to Cisco Webex, you can easily control it through Control Hub. To learn more about Control Hub, see Get started with Cisco Webex Control Hub .

Before you start setting up your device, create a workspace and a 16-digit activation code on Control Hub. Read here how to Add shared devices and services to a workspace and Generate an activation code for a device .

If you want to add Cisco Webex Calling and other services, see Add services to an existing workspace with Boards, Desk, and Room Devices . Note that you can't add Cisco Webex Calling to the Room USB.

The device is shipped with preinstalled software and updates are installed automatically. If there’s a software update available when you first register a new device, we recommend that you upgrade it. To find out more about software updates, see RoomOS software upgrades .


Install and plug in the needed cables according to the installation guide instructions. When the device is plugged in, it automatically starts up and checks the network connection. If the network connection works, the device checks for updates of RoomOS and installs any new versions it finds. If there is an issue with the connection, you see an error message that suggests a possible cause.


After the software update, the setup wizard starts. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your network preferences, enter the activation code, and check the screen, camera, and sound.

You can change the language settings before starting the setup wizard, or afterward from the Device settings menu.

The time format follows your network's time zone setting and can't be configured separately.