I Do Not See My Past Meetings

I do not see my past meetings.

My sessions that are older than 6 months are not showing in My Webex.

My old meetings are not displaying in My Meetings.


To view meetings you have already held, make sure you check the box for Show past meetings on the My Webex Meetings page:

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You can change the date range to include an entire month by clicking the drop-down for the date range and set the start and end dates, such as shown below:

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  • If you cannot find a past session less than 6 months old, the meeting/session may have been scheduled with the 'Delete from My Meetings when completed' option enabled. When this option is enabled, the meeting will be removed from My Meetings after the meeting ends.
  • If non-recurring meetings are not started within 90 days, they are removed from the My Meetings page.
  • If Daily and Weekly recurring meetings are not started within 180 days, they will be removed from the My Meetings page. This is not applicable to Monthly and Personal Room Meetings.


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