How Do I Save Meeting Chat Messages?

How do I save meeting chat messages?

How do I save a chat file as text file?

How do I save chat messages to a new file?

How do I save changes to a chat file?

How do I save new chat messages in my meeting?


Steps to save chat messages:

  1. In the meeting, go to File > Save > Chat:
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The 'Save Chat As' dialog box appears.
  1. Choose a location at which you want to save the file.
  2. In the File name: field, type a name for the file.
By default, if you have already saved chat in the session, the name of the previous file you saved will display. You can save all chat messages in your current meeting to this existing file, or save them to a new file.

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  1. Click the Save button.
The Meeting Service Desktop App saves the chat messages in a .txt file at the location you selected.

Note: If the chat is not saved or a meeting is closed accidentally, the chat history cannot be retrieved and this article does not apply to Webex Meetings mobile app.

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