Webex Assistant for Devices provides a quick and convenient way to interact with these Cisco Webex room devices:

  • Room Kit

  • Room Kit Mini

  • Room Kit Plus

  • Room Kit Pro

  • Room 55 and 55 Dual

  • Room 70 and 70 G2

  • Webex Board 55 and 55S

  • Webex Board 70 and 70S

  • Webex Board 85S

  • Desk Pro

All cloud-registered devices get the latest software version automatically.

When you enable Webex Assistant for Devices, anyone can stroll into a place, such as a conference room, and use their voice to interact with these devices. Webex Assistant can help you with many tasks, such as joining a colleague's Personal Room, calling someone in the organization, starting a meeting, and controlling the volume and video display options.

Before you begin

If you want Webex Assistant for Devices to import your organization’s Common Identity data, enable directory synchronization in the Cisco Webex Control Hub. For more information about directory synchronization, see the Deployment Guide for Cisco Directory Connector.


From the customer view in https://admin.webex.com, go to Devices and click Settings. Scroll to Cisco Webex Assistant for Devices, and then check the Enable Cisco Webex Assistant check box.

This check box appears even if you don't have the supported devices available.

Webex Assistant is now enabled on all supported devices across your organization. To enable or disable Webex Assistant on a specific device, see Toggle Webex Assistant for Devices Off and On from the Touch 10 Controller.


Joining meetings with Webex Assistant using One Button to Push (OBTP) is only available if users book meetings using Cisco Webex Meetings or add @webex in the location field of the meeting invitation. For information about how to enable OBTP for devices, see Make it Easier for Video Devices to Join Meetings with OBTP.


You're now ready to start using Webex Assistant. Just say "OK Webex", followed by something like "Call Alison Cassidy", "Join my Personal Room", or "Record the meeting". Webex Assistant will take care of the rest!

If you want to see what kind of options you have with Webex Assistant, just say "OK Webex. What you can do".

For more examples of how Webex Assistant can help you, see Use Webex Assistant for Devices to Control Your Room Device.