In order to receive notifications on who's waiting in your Personal Room lobby, the Notify me by email when someone enters my Personal Room lobby while I am away check box in Personal Room Preferences must be selected. Contact your site administrator to enable this feature for your site. If this feature is enabled, signed-in attendees can enter an unlocked room, but unauthenticated attendees must wait in the lobby until the host manually admits them.

When you subscribe to Webex App from your service provider, you’ll need to contact your provider’s customer support team for assistance.


In the notification that you get when people are waiting to join the meeting, click View List to see the list and choose who you let in.


Under Waiting to Join, do one of the following:

  • To let in individual people, click Let in next to their name.

  • To let in everyone who's waiting, click Let everyone in.


This security option isn't available for FedRAMP-authorized Webex offerings.