Webex Desk Hub is the device at the center of your workday, whether you are at the office or in your home. Use it to make calls, join meetings, and share content from your laptop. At the end of your day, it has charged your devices, too.

This feature is only available for UCM calling.

Extension mobility gives the benefits of a personal calling line. When you sign in you get your own directory number, and your own Favorites, Recents, and Directory.

Your administrator gives you your sign-in credentials.

Before you begin

Get your user ID and PIN or password from your administrator.


Tap Extension Mobility.


Enter your Username and PIN.

We want the Webex Desk Hub to be a valuable tool in your toolbox. So we added a wireless charging pad so you can charge your mobile device.

The charging pad is the round circle on the front of your Desk Hub. Keep in mind the following important points:

  • Protective cases can block the mobile phone from charging.

  • Smaller mobile phones don't line-up with the charging coil. Some manufactures sell an insert for smaller phones so they work with the charging pad.

  • Some devices may charge faster than other devices. Align your mobile device with the center of the charging pad to get the best performance.

Wireless charging is a new technology. Your mobile phone may not support it so consult your mobile phone documentation. If wireless charging isn't for you then you can use the USB port at the back of the Webex Desk Hub to charge your mobile device.

We want you to have the best experience possible so feel free to charge your mobile phone with the charging pad. But we suggest that you read the charging instructions that came with your mobile device. You may have to remove your cell phone once it's fully charged, and let the battery run down before you charge it again.


Place your mobile phone in the phone stand with the screen facing outward.


Check the charging icon on the mobile device screen and confirm the charging status.

Webex Desk Hub is designed to keep you productive so we added a USB port for charging your mobile device. Connect your mobile device and let it charge so it's ready when you need it.


Connect your phone USB cable to the USB-A port on the Desk Hub.

The USB-A port is on the back of the Desk Hub, on the left side of the device.


Connect your phone USB cable to your mobile phone.

Connect your Webex Desk Hub and your laptop so your device can power your computer.

Before you begin

Get the USB-C to USB-C cable to connect your Desk Hub to your computer. It's included with your device, and it has a blue mark on one end.

Connect your laptop and your Webex Desk Hub with the USB-C to USB-C cable.

For more information on locating the Desk Hub ports, see Your Webex Desk Hub.

If you have a headset charging dock, then dock your Cisco Headset 730 so your headset stays fully charged and ready for use.

It takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge the headset. As your headset charges, the power LED on the left ear cup blinks to show the battery status.

Calls and meetings are disconnected when you place your Cisco Headset 730 in the charging dock. This is the default behaviour unless you disable it in Cisco Headsets mobile app.

Table 1. Headset charge status

Power LED

Charge status

Power LED shows solid green

Full Charge

Power LED blinks green


Power LED blinks yellow


Power LED blinks red


To charge your Cisco Headset 730, seat the left ear cup in the dock with the buttons facing you.