The app you select displays on the Room Navigator’s entire screen, replacing the RoomOS user interface, and it can’t be dismissed by end-users.

This feature is supported on Room Navigators that are remotely paired over the network to a cloud registered Room Series device. Directly paired Room Navigators are not supported.

Before you begin

  • If the Room Navigator is already paired to the device, reset the Room Navigator first.

  • If the WebApp you are going to display requires any proxy configurations or loading any certificates on the Webex device, carry out those procedures before pairing the Room Navigator to your device. Otherwise, you'll have to reboot the Room Navigator again after pairing it.


To display a persistent web app on a Room Navigator:

  1. Make sure the Webex device you're going to pair the Room Navigator to, is not in a call. Log into the device's web interface. Go to Settings > Configurations and set the following:

    Select NetworkServices.

    • Set HTTP > Mode to HTTP+HTTPS

    • Set Websocket to FollowHTTPService

    Select UserInterface.

    • Set HomeScreen Peripherals WebApp URL to the URL of the web app you want to show on the Room Navigator.

    Select WebEngine.

    • Set Features > XAPI Peripherals AllowedHosts Hosts to the domain for the URL you set above. When defining allowed hosts:

      Don't include http(s)://. For example, if your URL above is set to, set as an allowed host.

      To set multiple allowed hosts, separate each domain with a comma.

      Leave this setting blank to block all hosts, or, set a single asterisk (*) to allow all hosts.

    Select Security.

    • Set XAPI Websocket APIKey Allowed to True. This is only required if the web app will use the device API.

    Alternatively, you can set these configurations in Control Hub.

    Detailed information about each setting is available in the Cisco Webex Board, Desk, and Room Series API Reference Guide.

  2. Pair the Room Navigator to the configured device.

  3. After successfully pairing the devices, follow the prompts in the first-time setup wizard and select Persistent Web App to display the app.

    All Room Navigators with Persistent Web App enabled and paired to the device will show the same app.

Changing or disabling a persistent web app

  • To display a different web app on the Room Navigator, change the URL you already set on the paired device:

    When the device is not in a call, log into its web interface and go to Settings > Configurations. Select UserInterface. Set HomeScreen Peripherals WebApp URL to the new URL.

    Alternatively, you can set this configuration in Control Hub.

  • To stop displaying a persistent web app on a Room Navigator, factory reset it.

Developing web apps

See for information about building web apps for persistent mode on Room Navigator, and a list of supported device APIs that are available for use with the web app.