• Room booking is only available for shared mode and cloud registered devices.

  • Room booking is available for Board and Room Series devices linked with Edge for Devices when cloud-managed software upgrade and "Allow Control Hub to manage configurations" is enabled.

  • Desk Series devices must not have hot-desking configured.

  • If you do not follow the set up wizard and configure room booking through APIs, do not forget to set the location (inside or outside the room) of the Room Navigator:
    Configuration SystemUnit TouchPanel Location:  <InsideRoom/OutsideRoom>

First, you need to set up the Board, Desk, or Room Series device for room booking in Control Hub. See Enable room booking for Board, Desk, and Room series for details. Then, to configure the Room Navigator for room booking, you need to go through its set up wizard. Perform a factory reset to access the wizard for a previously configured Room Navigator.


Connect the Room Navigator to the Board, Desk, or Room Series device as described here.


Set the Device type to Room Booking.


Select whether the Room Navigator is located inside or outside a room.

Location panel


This is about how we gather and give data from the sensors to Control Hub. These sensors measure things like temperature, humidity, and air quality. When the device is placed outside the room, the data from inside the room's sensors isn't mixed together with the outside data.

Room information

The Room Navigator shows information on room temperature, people count, and people presence in the room, if that is available from the device it's connected to.

The following configurations are enabled by default. You can disable or re-enable them from device configurations or the APIs. Read more about Device configurations. For detailed configuration descriptions, visit https://roomos.cisco.com/xapi.

  • Room temperature:
    UserInterface RoomScheduler AmbientTemperature Show:
  • People count in the room:
    UserInterface RoomScheduler PeopleCount Current:
    • To show people count, you must set:
      RoomAnalytics PeopleCountOutOfCall: On
      Standby WakeupOnMotionDetection: On
    • People count is used for outside room booking.

  • People presence in the room:
    UserInterface RoomScheduler StatusWhenInUse:
    • To show people presence, you must set:
      RoomAnalytics PeoplePresenceDetector:
    • The device uses ultrasound and/or head detection to detect people in the workspace. One or both of these options needs to be set to On for the PeoplePresenceDetector setting to work. Ultrasound and head detection can be turned on and off using these settings:

      • RoomAnalytics PeoplePresence Input HeadDetector: On/Off (default On)

      • RoomAnalytics PeoplePresence Input Ultrasound: On/Off (default Off)

To read more about sensors and which devices support these configurations, see Historical data for Board, Desk, and Room series in Control Hub workspaces.

Factory reset

You might need to perform a factory reset in order to pair the Room Navigator with a different Board or Room series, or to configure it as a Room Booking device. You can factory reset the Room Navigator by accessing the Settings menu and tap Factory Reset.

To access the Settings menu on a Room Navigator in room booking mode, tap the screen three times with three fingers. When you tap Factory Reset, you'll be asked to confirm your selection before the Room Navigator is restored to factory settings.

Factory reset