You can configure working hours on your devices, during which features such as digital signage, room booking, and motion detection are activated. This helps prevent these features from keeping the device screens active outside of the designated working hours, thereby promoting energy conservation and protecting the screens from wear and tear.

The device goes into standby mode outside of the office hours and to half-wake mode at the beginning of the working hours. When digital signage is enabled, the device skips half-wake mode and goes directly into signage mode.

Switch the feature on or off

This feature is enabled by default, with office time set up between 7 am and 7 pm.

You can set up office hours from Control Hub devices configurations, where you can set up office hours on multiple devices, or from the web interface of the device. Read the Advanced Settings article for more information on how to access it.

Once the web interface of the device is open, select Settings from the menu on the left. Under Configurations , configure the following:

  • Time > OfficeHours > Enabled

    • True. The feature is on , and you can use the other OfficeHours configurations to define detailed behavior.

    • False. The feature is not in use.

If standby control is switched off ( Standby > Control : Off), the device never enters standby mode, and the office hours settings have no effect.

Set the office hours

To define different days and time, set the following configurations:

  • Time > OfficeHours > WorkWeek > Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday

    • True. The day is included in the working week.

    • False. The day in not included in the working week.

  • Time > OfficeHours > WorkDay > Start/End

    • Set the time when the ordinary office hours start and end (hh:mm).

Standby and wake-up behavior outside office hours

By default, the device goes into idle mode shortly before it goes into display off mode (standby) outside office hours. During these hours, the device doesn't turn on by detecting motion in the room. Regardless of this setting, the device always wakes up when someone starts using it.

Use the following configurations to change the default behavior:

  • Time > OfficeHours > OutsideOfficeHours > Standby > Delay

    • Set the number of minutes the device should be in idle mode (outside of office hours) before it enters standby mode.

  • Time > OfficeHours > OutsideOfficeHours > Standby > AutoWakeup

    • Disabled. The device remains in standby if it detects motion outside of office hours.

    • Enabled. The device will wake up if it detects motion outside of office hours.

The system wakes up when the following happen during OutsideOfficeHours :

  • Incoming call to the device

  • Pairing to the device

  • Connecting a laptop to the device and do a local preview

If the device restarts during OutsideOfficeHours , it goes into standby again once the OutsideOfficeHours Standby Delay is reached.

The device does not go into standby mode if there is an ongoing local sharing or call, even when the office hour ends.