Setting the office hours on a device lets you switch off always-on features like signage, outside of ordinary office hours. You can also prevent the device from waking up just because it detects motion in the room.

All the configurations below are available in Control Hub, in the local web interface of the device, and in the public API.

Switch the feature on or off

By default, the feature is switched on to prevent screens from being active all the time. Most screens are not certified for all day use, seven days a week. It may reduce their lifetime substantially.

To switch the office hours feature on and off, set the following configuration:

  • Time > OfficeHours > Enabled

    • True. The feature is On, and you can use the other OfficeHours configurations to define detailed behavior.

    • False. The feature is not in use.

If standby control is switched off overall (Standby > Control: Off), the device will never enter display off mode, and the office hours settings have no effect.

Set the office hours

By default, the office hours are set to Monday to Friday from 07:00 in the morning to 19:00 in the afternoon. To define different days and time, set the following configurations:

  • Time > OfficeHours > WorkWeek > Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday

    • True. The day is included in the working week.

    • False. The day in not included in the working week.

  • Time > OfficeHours > WorkDay > Start/End

    • Set the time when the ordinary office hours start and end (hh:mm).

Standby and wake-up behavior outside office hours

By default, the device goes into idle mode shortly before it goes into display off mode (standby) outside office hours. During these hours, the device will not wake up just because it detects motion in the room. However, the device will wake up if someone starts using it.

Use the following configurations to change the default behavior:

  • Time > OfficeHours > OutsideOfficeHours > Standby > Delay

    • Set the number of minutes the device should be in idle mode (outside of office hours) before it enters display off mode.

  • Time > OfficeHours > OutsideOfficeHours > Standby > AutoWakeup

    • Disabled. The device will stay in display off mode if any motion is detected outside of office hours.

    • Enabled. The device will wake up as usual, if any motion is detected outside of office hours.