Mural Workspaces

When you add a Mural workspace in Webex App, the tools and features are the same as you find in the browser version. For more information on Mural tools or to sign up for a Mural account, see

Add a Mural Workspace to a Space


Go to Messaging and choose a one-to-one or group space.


At the top of the space, click the +Apps tab.


In moderated spaces, only moderators have the +Apps tab available. If you can't add an app, try asking a space moderator for help.


In the Add an App window, click Mural, and then Continue.


Sign in to Mural using your credentials or create an account.


To open an existing mural:

  • Select a WORKSPACE and ROOM.

  • Filter your search using Sort By and Filter by.

  • Select the mural you want to add.


To create a new mural workspace:

  • Click Create new mural.

  • Choose the WORKSPACE and ROOM to add the mural.

  • In MURAL NAME, enter the name of your new mural.

  • In TEMPLATE, choose a template for your new mural.

  • Click CREATE MURAL and then click OK.

Mural Workspace Tab Actions

You can right-click on a mural tab in a space to select different menu options.

Right-click the mural tab and select from the following:

  • Expand—Opens the board in an expandable window in Webex App. Drag the edges with your mouse to make the window bigger or smaller on your screen.

  • Edit—Edit the Tab name for the space and click Save. The tab name can be up to a maximum of 25 characters. This does not change the name of the board.

  • View Information—Displays information about the Mural workspace, such as the URL, who added it to the space, who last edited, and at what time it was last edited.

  • Remove—Removes the Mural workspace tab from the space.