Cisco Systems and Digital River

To service users all over the world, we use two merchants to invoice Webex accounts: Cisco Systems and Digital River. This article provides invoice examples to help you understand your monthly charges.

Download your recent invoice

Go to: Account Management > Billing tab and click next to the desired invoice to download.

This invoice is an example of a subscription with the Meet + Call plan, and some international calling usage. Webex Meet plans and Webex Call plans are itemized and charged separately.

  • 1: Meet plan licenses–charged to the card on file by Cisco Webex or Cisco Systems.

  • 2: Call plan licenses and international calling–charged to the card on file by BroadSoft Adaption LLC.

    Service details include charges for outbound calling plans3, phone numbers4, and international calling usage5. Invoices also include applicable fees and taxes, information on call activity, and usage charges for international calls (when applicable). There is no additional charge to port phone numbers.


    Items 1–4 are pre-paid services. International calling charges are billed post-usage.

This invoice is an example of a subscription to a Starter plan in a monthly billing cycle. It is a prepaid charge that enables the customer to use the premium Meetings product for the next month.