The Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832

The phone has sensitive microphones with 360-degree coverage. This coverage lets users speak in a normal voice and be heard clearly from up to 7 feet (2.1 m) away. The phone also features technology that resists interference from mobile phones and other wireless devices, assuring delivery of clear communications without distractions.

Like other devices, a Cisco IP Phone must be configured and managed. These phones encode and decode the following codecs:
  • G.711 a-law

  • G.711 mu-law

  • G.722

  • G722.2 AMR-WB

  • G.729a/G.729ab

  • G.726

  • iLBC

  • Opus

  • iSAC

Using a cell, mobile, or GSM phone, or two-way radio in close proximity to a Cisco IP Phone might cause interference. For more information, see the manufacturer’s documentation of the interfering device.

Cisco IP Phones provide traditional telephony functionality, such as call forwarding and transferring, redialing, speed dialing, conference calling, and voice messaging system access. Cisco IP Phones also provide a variety of other features.

Finally, because the Cisco IP Phone is a network device, you can obtain detailed status information from it directly. This information can assist you with troubleshooting any problems users might encounter when using their IP phones. You can also obtain statistics about an active call or firmware versions on the phone.

Cisco IP Phone 7832 Buttons and Hardware

The following figure shows the Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832.

Figure 1. Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832 Buttons and Features
Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832 Buttons and Features

The following table describes the buttons on the Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832.


Mute bar

Toggle the microphone on or off. When the microphone is muted, the LED bar is lit red.


LED bar

Indicates call states:

  • Green, solid—Active call

  • Green, flashing—Incoming call

  • Green, pulsing—Held call

  • Red, solid—Muted call


Softkey buttons

Access functions and services.


Navigation bar and Select button

Scroll through menus, highlight items, and select the highlighted item.

When the phone is idle, press Up to access the recent calls list and press Down to access the favorites list.


Volume button

Adjust the speakerphone volume (off hook) and the ringer volume (on hook).

When you change the volume, the LED bar lights white to show the volume change.

Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832 Multiplatform Phone Supported Accessories

The Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832 Multiplatform Phone does not support any accessories.