Use the following steps to install the Webex Education Connector in Blackboard Learn release 3400.5.0-rel.12+393c117. You need to be a Blackboard Administrator and a Webex site administrator to complete the installation.


Configure your Cisco Webex Site to allow the Webex Education Connector integration:

  • For sites managed in Cisco Webex Site Administration, sign in to Webex Site Administration and go to Configuration > Common Site Settings > Options .

  • For sites managed in Cisco Webex Control Hub, go to the customer view in , then go to Services , and under Meeting , select Sites . Choose the Webex site to change the settings for, select Configure Site > Common Settings > Site Options .


Scroll to Allow the following URL domain names and enter separated from the other domain names by a comma.


Open a new tab in your browser, navigate to:, and enter the following information:

  • Full name —Enter your first and last name.

  • Email —Enter your administrator email address.

  • Institution —Enter the name of your institution.

  • Webex site —Enter your Webex site name. Your site name is the text in your Webex URL before If your site URL is, enter myschool (exclude https:// and, and remove capitalization).

  • LMS ... —Select Blackboard Learn from the drop-down list.

  • Blackboard Site Domain —Enter the URL of your Blackboard site. For example,

  • Blackboard Site Timezone —Select the time zone of your Blackboard site from the drop-down list.


Select Next , and take note of the Your Consumer Key , Your Shared Secret , Your LTI Launch URL , and Your Application ID .


Sign in to Blackboard as an administrator, and go to System Admin > Integrations > REST API Integrations > Create Integration .


Enter the following information:

  • Application ID —Use the Application ID generated in Step 4.

  • Learn User —Enter the administrator user name.

  • End User Access —Select Yes .

  • Authorized to Act as User — Choose Service Default (No)

Click Submit .


Return to Blackboard, and go to System Admin > Integrations > LTI Tool Providers > Register Provider Domain .


Enter the following information:

  • Provider Domain —Enter

  • Provider Domain Status —Select Approved .

  • Default Configuration — Select Globally .

  • Tool Provider Key —Enter the Your Consumer Key from Step 4.

  • Tool Provider Secret —Enter the Your Shared Secret from Step 4.

  • Send User Data —Select Send user data over SSL .

  • User Fields to Send —Check the following options:

    • Role in Course

    • Name

    • Email Address

  • Allow Membership Service Access —Select Yes .

Select Submit


Go back to System Admin > Integrations > LTI Tool Providers .


Select the drop-down arrow next to Webex and select Manage Placements > Create Placements .


Enter the following information:

  • Label —Enter Webex.

  • Handle —Enter Webex.

  • Availability —Select Yes .

  • Type —Course tool. Select Student and Non-student .

  • Tool Provider URL —Enter

  • Tool Provider Key —Populates from the initial setup.

  • Tool Provider Secret —Populates from the initial setup.


Select Submit .


To open the Webex Education Connector in a course, click Tools > Installed WEC name (Webex) .


Go to the Setup tab and select Authorize , then follow the authorization steps.

Only administrators can authorize the application. Administrators need to authorize once, and the authorization applies for all courses where the administrator is enrolled. The administrator must be enrolled in the courses for the authorization to apply.