Joining a Meeting Using 'Run a temporary application'

Joining a meeting Using 'Run a temporary application'

How do I join Webex meetings without installing a browser plug-in or extension?

How do I join a meeting without ActiveX from Browser?


If browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox) cannot load, you can join Webex meetings using the 'Run a temporary application' option.

To join meetings using 'Run a temporary application':

  1. Browse to the join page for your meeting.
  2. Click Join.
  3. On the page that appears, click the link to Run a temporary application:
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  1. Do one of the following based on your browser:
  1. Click Save File on the prompt window that appears:
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  1. Click the arrow in the upper-right corner of the browser window, then click on the downloaded .EXE file:
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Click the .EXE file that appears in the lower-left corner of the browser window:
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Note: The temporary application method is not supported on Mac computers. To join using this method, you will need to use a supported version of Microsoft Windows.

For current system requirements and supported browser and operating system versions, see:

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