How Do I Pass the Presenter Role to an Attendee or Participant?

How do I pass the presenter role to an attendee or participant?

How do I allow an attendee to share a presentation or application in a meeting?

How do I change presenters?

How do I make someone else a presenter?

How do I pass the presenter ball?

Anyone attending a Webex session may view shared data, but only the person designated as the Presenter may share presentations, screen/desktop, or applications. The meeting or session host is normally the presenter in a meeting.

  • Webex Meetings or Training: The host can designate most meeting attendees as the presenter. They can also reclaim the presenter role or change the presenter at any time. With later Webex releases, the first attendee who joins before the host may have the presenter role. If this option is enabled, attendees may present and share data even though the host has not yet joined.
  • Webex Events: You can invite Panelists, who have presenter rights. Only the Host or Panelists may present in Event Center.


  • Attendees on mobile devices, such as an iPhone or Android phones, may not be able to take the presenter ball due to hardware/system limitations on their device. For best results, all presenters should be joined on desktop PC's or Mac computers. Participants joined from a mobile device appear in the Participants panel with a mobile device icon to the left of their name.
  • The presenter role cannot be passed onto an attendee who has joined using the Webex WebApp.


Hosts Only

Use one of the methods below to designate a presenter or reclaim the presenter role:

  • On the Participants panel, select the desired participant's name, then click the Make Presenter button.
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  • Right-click the name on the Participants panel, then select Change Role Make Presenter.
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  • Select the desired attendee's name on the Participants panel, go to the Participant menu > then select Change Role  > Make Presenter.
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  • On the Participants panel, click and drag the presenter ball to the desired participant's name, then click on the Yes button.
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  • Click and drag the presenter ball from the current presenter to your name in the Participants panel, then click on the Yes button.

Any participant can share the content in the meeting by simply selecting 'Share' on the Quick Start tab, Menu Bar and Floating Icon Tray. This feature makes it easier to change presenters in a meeting and improves the overall collaboration experience. If hosts want more control over sharing, they can disable this feature while the meeting is in progress. This option can also be disabled for the site in Site Administration Page as this feature is enabled by default.

Note: Make Me Presenter button has been removed from the participant's view.


  • Changing the presenter discontinues any application or desktop share currently in progress. However, any documents, presentations, or whiteboards that the current presenter is sharing will remain in the content viewer. Also, any poll that the current presenter has opened will remain in the Polling tab.
  • Attendees may take the Presenter role if that option is enabled on the Webex site. This option is enabled by default on new Webex sites.

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