What are the Limitations of a Site Being on Global Site Backup (GSB)?

What are the limitations of a site being on Global Site Backup (GSB)?

What common issues are caused by a Webex site being on Global Site Backup (GSB)?

What are the known issues from my Webex site being failed over to backup?

What are the best practices when my Webex site is on GSB?.


The Webex Global Site Backup (GSB) system replicates all customized pages and, in most cases, client versions from the primary site to the backup site on a daily basis. See the warning about site upgrades below.

All scheduled meetings, recordings and reports are as readily available from GSB as they are from the primary Webex site.

Site Version Differences during Version Upgrades:

During WBS version upgrades, the site version may revert to a previous release when a site is operating on GSB.

Webex site upgrades are always applied to the primary cluster first, then a few days later to GSB.

If a primary site that has been upgraded is failed back to GSB before the backup site is upgraded, the GSB site will show the previous release version.

For example, WBS 33.9 was deployed to the primary cluster on 10/16, and then to GSB on 10/19. Any sites failed over to GSB between the upgrade window dates would be downgraded to the previous version release.

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