Can I Download My Recordings All at One Time Rather than Individually?

It is not possible to download all of the recordings from a site as a single download.

Can I download my recordings all at one time rather than individually?
Is it possible to download all the recordings from a Webex site simultaneously?


End of Life announcement for the recordings SOAP and NBR API

Due to security and maintainability reasons, we will be deprecating the recordings SOAP API. In effect, on Jan 1, 2023, the recordings SOAP API is at the end of its life and shouldn’t be used for any new projects. On June 30, 2023, the recordings SOAP API will be permanently shut down. The customers have six months to migrate from the current recordings SOAP API to the alternative REST APIs.

Our old SOAP API for recording will soon be retired, but you can use the more modern RESTful API as a replacement after late May. If you previously used the old SOAP API with an Admin account, you can switch to the new RESTful API using a Compliance Officer account instead.


To help you get started, we've included an example: Download a Batch of Recordings.


It is not designed to download all the recordings from a Webex website as a single download.

To download all the recordings simultaneously, use the Network-Based Recording (NBR) API.

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