The Option 'Display this URL at end of playback' is Grayed-Out When Adding a Recording.

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The option "Display this URL at end of playback" is grayed-out when adding a recording.

I'm not able to enter the URL in 'Display this URL at end of playback' after uploading a .WMV file to My Recordings.

When I try to modify a recording that has been reassigned to me, the option to 'Display this URL at end of playback' is disabled.


With recordings under Cisco Webex Events or Cisco Webex Training, you have the option to add a URL to display at the end of the recording playback. This will redirect attendees to that website when they finish watching the recording.

The option to 'Display this URL at the end of playback' may be disabled for the following reasons:

  • The recording has been re-assigned - You can only designate a post-playback URL for your own recordings. You can not use this option for recordings that were re-assigned to you from another host account
  • The file is not a .WRF or .ARF file - Only original Webex recording formats are supported. Any other recording formats, such as .WMV files you upload, do not support a post-playback URL. .WMV file playback requires third party software, and the Webex Player cannot read any file ending marker to know when the playback ends, so it cannot trigger the redirect to display the destination URL. If the URL was entered in "Display this URL at the end of the playback" before uploading the file, once the new file is uploaded, the URL which was previously entered will be removed automatically.


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