How Do I Find the Host of My Meeting?

Note: If you cannot find the invitation email, or cannot locate your meeting or Webex site, you will need to contact the company that is hosting the meeting. Try browsing the company's website and look for a Contact Us or Support link.


The host of your meeting can assist you with the following:

  • Meeting number for an unlisted meeting
  • Lost email invitation
  • Meeting password
  • Meeting registration
  • No host has joined your meeting
  • Meeting not started on time
  • Questions about the meeting content or download of material presented in the meeting
  • Access to the meeting recording

You can find the host of your meeting by:

  • Checking the invitation email:
    • The invite will usually come from the meeting host's email address and may contain additional contact info such as a phone number.
  • Checking the Cisco Webex Meetings site:
    1. Browse to the Webex site address. (Example:

      The Webex site appears, showing the meetings scheduled for that day.

      You may see your meeting listed on this page. If not, try browsing to the date and time of your meeting. Also you may need to check a different service type, e.g. Events, Training, by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page in Classic View.
    2. If the meeting is listed, the host will be shown under the Host column.
    3. Click on the meeting topic link.
    4. Click More Info to see full meeting details including the host's name and email address.

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