Any Attendee Can Grab the Presenter Ball in a Meeting

Any attendee can grab the presenter ball in a meeting.

Participants can grab the presenter role in meetings.

Attendees are able to take over as presenter in meetings.

How can I prevent attendees from grabbing the presenter ball in my meeting?


By default, attendees have the ability to become the presenter in meetings by clicking and dragging the Presenter ball.

This feature is enabled by default in Cisco Webex Meetings.

To disable this option, please contact your company’s Webex Site Administrator, who can submit an Ops Request to have the feature turned off.

Site Administrators may also use custom session types:

  • Create a custom session type.
  • Remove the 'Participants can take the ball' option.
  • Then assign the custom session type to Hosts.

For help, see: Create Custom Session Types for Your Cisco Webex Site in Site Administration.

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