Video-Centric Recording Player Platform and OS Support

Video-Centric Recording Player Platform and OS Support

Known issues with video centric recording

Platform and OS support

The new player is an HTML5 tech player to support HLS stream protocol adopted by the Webex server.

 FirefoxChromeEdgeIE 11Safari
WIndows 7SupportedSupportedN/ANot SupportedN/A
Windows 8.1SupportedSupportedN/A*Supported with *ExceptionN/A
Windows 10SupportedSupportedSupported*Supported with ExceptionN/A
Mac OSSupportedSupportedN/AN/ASupported

*See the exceptions below:

  • IE11 under Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 have an HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) buffering issue.  If you drag the progress bar to seek the video forward and backwards multiple times, the videoJS cannot respond fast enough, also if the page needs to be re-rendered in a large scale (most often happens when exiting full-screen or the window changes size),  the UI will be broken.  This issue is experienced in the old Network-based recording (NBR) player as well as the new player, it's a browser implementation issue.
    • In the old NBR player which use videoJS5, when entering full screen if you drag the progress bar multiple times, the video will break.
  • For the hls.js offical DEMO which uses videojs7, dragging the progress bar multiple times does not break the video, but if you press ESC to exit full screen, the video area cannot change it's size to fit the new size (check  and play this URL:
  • The new NBR player is similar to hls.js, when dragging the progress bar multiple times and changing the window size, it is still possible for the UI to experience issues. In order to decrease the possibility of the UI experiencing issues when IE11 is resized or you enter/exit full screen, the video play will be paused, This workaround will decrease the possibility of experiencing issues, but it cannot alleviate the issue.

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