Participate in a Question and Answer Session in Cisco Webex Training

You can participate in a Q & A panel to answer questions that your attendees have during your training session.

Work with the Tabs on Your Q and A Panel

Your Q & A panel provides two views of the question-and-answer queue: the All and My Q & A tabs. The All tab stays open all the time on your Q & A panel.

The My Q & A tab displays when you send your first question using Q & A. You can close the My Q & A tab at any time.

Right-click (Windows) or select ctrl and then select (Mac) the All tab, and then choose Open Tab > My Q & A.

To close, right-click (Windows) or select ctrl and then select (Mac) the My Q & A tab, and then choose Close Tab.


Closing the My Q & A tab does not cause you to lose the questions and answers on the tab. You can reopen it at any time.

If a panelist answers your question privately, the text private appears next to the answer. No attendee can see this private answer, except you.

Ask a Question in a Q and A Session

During a training session, you can send your questions to all or specific panelists in a Q & A session.

    1Open the Q & A panel.
    2On the Q & A panel, type your question in the text box.
    3(Optional) To edit your question, highlight the text you want to edit, and then right-click (Windows) or select ctrl and then click (Mac) to use the editing commands in the menu.
    4In the Ask drop-down list, select the recipient, and then select Send.

    When a panelist is typing an answer to a question, an in-progress indicator displays under that question. When answered, the Q changes from orange to blue.

    Check the Status of Your Questions

    The autogrouping of questions and answers and visual cues on attendees' Q & A panels make it easy for you to check whether a panelist has responded to your question.

    Always check the My Q & A tab to quickly find out whether your question has been answered.

    When a panelist is answering your question, an indicator appears under the question.

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