Use the Cisco Headset USB HD Adapter

Your Cisco wireless headset comes with a USB adapter for a quick plug-and-play experience. You can also use the adapter with call devices that don't have a Bluetooth® option. The USB HD Adapter comes out of the box pre-paired to your headset. The adapter automatically connects to your headset when plugged into a powered USB port.

When you want to disconnect your headset, simply unplug the adapter from the call device. It takes about 10 seconds for your headset to accept another active Bluetooth connection after you disconnect the USB HD Adapter. You can also turn off your headset then on again to pair a new device quickly.

USB Adapter


You can't install firmware updates to your headset through the Cisco USB HD Adapter.


Connect your Cisco USB HD Adapter to your preferred device.


Turn on your headset.


Select Cisco USB HD Adapter from your device list.


Older adapters may appear as Cisco 700 USB Adapter.

Pair the Cisco Headset USB HD Adapter to your headset

You can re-pair your USB HD Adapter if you have erased your headset's Bluetooth® pairings or need to replace your adapter.

Connect the USB HD Adapter to your chosen device.


Use a pen or a paper clip to press down the Pair button on the USB HD Adapter for four seconds. The blue LED on top of the adapter blinks when it enters pairing mode.

USB HD Adapter button

Put your headset into pairing mode. The adapter and your headset pair automatically.