Name labels in meetings are generated using face recognition technology, and their display varies based on the device they are send from. When using a personal device, only you will see your own name label.

From shared devices:

  • Desk, Desk Pro, Desk Mini, and Room Kit Mini: Name labels for up to 4 people at a time are visible on the far-end throughout the meeting.

  • Board and Room Series: In the beginning of the meeting, you can see the name labels for the first 60 seconds of the meeting. Name labels for up to 4 people at a time are visible on the far-end. After that, the active speakers name is visible for a short while when they start speaking.

The information for name labels is sent as metadata and displayed on the far end of the meeting. However, it's important to note that not all third-party SIP video conferencing devices and older Cisco room devices can show these name labels. Name labels are rendered on Webex registered Board, Desk, SX, MX, and Room Series devices. Name labels are sent from Board, Desk, and Room Series devices that are Webex registered. DX70 and DX80 only renders name labels.

When you enable face recognition from Control Hub for your organization, you can send an email to invite your users to enroll. It includes a link that they can follow to add a photo of themselves and sign up.

Name labels are not available on transcoded conferences or on soft clients.


Sign in to Control Hub at , and go to Organization Settings > Face Recognition .


Toggle Face recognition on. Click Invite users to get an email template to invite people in your organization to sign up.