During a meeting, face recognition technology is used to generate name labels. The way these labels are displayed depends on the device they are sent from. If you're using a personal device, only you will see your own name label. From shared devices:

  • Desk, Desk Pro, Desk Mini, and Room Kit Mini: Name labels for up to 4 people at a time are visible on the far-end throughout the meeting.

  • Board and Room Series: In the beginning of the meeting, you can see the name labels for the first 60 seconds of the meeting. Name labels for up to 4 people at a time are visible on the far-end. After that, the active speakers name is visible for a short while when they start speaking.

When you’re in a call or a meeting on a Board, Desk, or Room Series device that is Webex registered, your name label is visible for the receiving end. You can see the name labels of those who have signed up if you’re calling from a Board, Desk, SX, MX, or Room Series device that is Webex registered. DX70 and DX80 can only receive name labels.

Name labels are available when the camera is on, when you're in a meeting or when the self-view is on. The name label will either show your name or your name and your title, if you have added one.

When face recognition is enabled in your organization, you receive an email to sign up, or you can sign up from https://settings.webex.com/ .

Name labels are not available on transcoded conferences or on soft clients.


Click the link on the email you received, or go to https://settings.webex.com and My Profile . Under Face recognition name label , click Get Started . And click again Create name label on the next page.


Allow the site to use your camera by clicking Allow in the pop-up.


Face the camera and make sure that your face is well lit and that you’re the only person in the frame. Click Take photo to take a picture.

If there’s an issue with your picture, you can retake it by clicking Retake photo .


If titles have been enabled for your organization, you get the option to set a title. You can either use the title from your directory or enter one yourself. You can also leave the field blank and no title will be visible to other meeting participants. Click Set title when you're done.


Click View my profile to get back to the front page.

You can always go back and edit your information or delete your photos. From the front page, click your name under My name label . If you delete your data, your name label will no longer appear in meetings and calls.